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Wednesday, April 22nd – CTV on site Earth Day

Saturday, April 25th – Mining Week Display


May 4th to 8th – CSPNO Local school board square foot art exhibit


Community Space

New Sudbury Centre assists 100ís of organizations fundraise each year, and create public awareness of the valuable services they offer within our community. Want to find out how your organization can take part in our Community program?

Contact New Sudbury Centre administration at 705-566-9080.

Phase 2 - Once again New Sudbury Centre has embarked on the KICX for Kids campaign and together will help raise $250,000 to completely renovate the existing Treatment Room in the Pediatric Unit of HSN’s Ramsey Lake Health Centre.

A number of necessary but invasive procedures are performed in the treatment room including lumbar (spinal) punctures, the insertion of catheters and intravenous (IV) lines, and the drawing of blood. The existing room is too small to comfortably accommodate family members, the surroundings are very clinical, and there is nothing to distract the children or ease their anxiety during procedures.

Look for updates on upcoming KICX 4 Kids fundraising activities taking place at New Sudbury Centre!

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